CHRIS EVENSEN, Creator of Steena's Suds




I started making soap in 2009 and became instantly hooked. There is nothing more satisfying than a cupboard full of handmade soap!  Why Steena’s Suds? My mother called me “Steena” (her own variation of Christine) and by bringing that name to this product I feel her as a partner in this venture. Many common oils are used in my soaps and also less common oils such as hempseed, grapeseed, argan and rice bran. Beginning in February 2015, all my soaps contained one additional additive which is Tussah Silk Fiber. This silk is cruelty free - the fibers are collected from the cocoons after the silk worms have emerged. This additive gives soap a very creamy consistency and a fine, luxurious lather. Once you use a bar containing silk you notice the difference!!  

I use very fine quality essential oils and fragrance oils. The color of my soap originates from either oil infusion of seeds or pigments, oxides or clays. Any additional additives would be Himalayan salt, loofah, seeds, dried flowers or spices. I make all my soap in small, four pound batches and make soap pretty much on demand. You will always purchase a bar that has been recently cured and has not been sitting on a shelf for months and months or soap that has been exposed to excessive sunlight or heat.

Excellent customer service is my number one priority. I am always willing to accept a custom order for ANY type of soap. If you require a fragrance free bar, palm or coconut free bar, I will gladly make that for you. If you are unhappy with one of my products for any reason, I will gladly exchange it for another similar product that will work best for you.

When not making soap, my husband and I can be found skiing our favorite powder stash in the backcountry, mountain biking, hiking and climbing.

Recently retired, every day is play day and Central Oregon is the perfect playground!