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“I just went back to the market today to buy two more bars of your Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bars. I love the ones I bought last time so much. This is the best product that has landed on my head in forever! My husband loves it too! We have totally different hair types and this is great for both of us. I love the ingredients, earth friendliness and delicious fragrance. Artisan things are wonderful and I am now a loyal Steena’s Suds Customer.”

Megan, Bend Oregon

"I have been buying your bar soap at the barber shop in Bend. The Shave and a Haircut is my favorite - really good stuff!  Would you be willing to make me a dozen bars?"

Jack, Tumalo Oregon

​​"My favorite is the Cedar Saffron Shampoo Bar. You do a wonderful job and it is some of the best soap I have ever used.   The fragrances stay with you a while and my bathroom smells so good. Thank you for your wonderful product."

Donna, Bend Oregon

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my Pikake Flower bath bomb. Luxurious! Loved the little rosebuds floating in the tub. I'm glad I glot an extra bomb for myself, so I know what good gifts they were for my girlfriends."

Elizabeth, Bend Oregon

“Our Tap Room customers have loved the Beer Soap! And the Felt Soap is very unique and super popular. Steena’s Suds is a fixture in the Retail Center at Wild Ride Brewing!”

Brian, Wild Ride Brewing

"Chris Evensen’s lovingly crafted felted soaps are my family’s favorite."

"Steena’s Suds Shampoo Bars improved my quality of life! I have a rare allergy to an ingredient in commercial soaps. Besides the allergy, commercial soaps are estrogenic and most have ingredients that contribute to deforestation in Central and South America. I have searched high and low for a soap that I am not allergic to, that aligns with my values and actually works. If Steena’s Suds ever stops making Shampoo Bars I’ll have to shave my head." 


Amy Seidenverg, Metolius Artisan Tea